<3 (blackfruitbat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pickups and a request!

Hello hello! A few little updates~ (:3)

Our Tsunami Relief donations has been sent in to Red Cross! You can see screen shots here~

I have finished shipping out all of the packages from my last pickup post for everyone who has paid before May 3rd. I am currently assembling the list and sending out the last few shipping notices. :3

For feedback, I am chiseling away at all of my comments and private messages to make sure everyone gets their feedback! Thanks for being so patient everyone. ;o; Things have been so crazy lately~

I am still taking orders for the new stock as well!
Lastly, I have a request...

I bought one of the TOMY foam pokeballs a while ago and lost it last weekend. ;------; Specifically, it was the Lure ball:

Everywhere I look online, it's $10-$20 before tax... I bought it at Toys R Us a few months ago, but now they seem to be all out of Jakks foam pokeballs at the stores near me. Retail wise, I think it was a little over $3 with tax?

I really need another one (badly D:), so I wanted to ask: Can anyone possibly pick one up for me at a Toys R Us if it is in stock? I would be willing to do a commission free pickup or pay a commission if someone can. ^^; Feel fee to comment or send me a private message if you could!

That's everything for now~ thanks for reading!
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