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Sales and Offers~!

 So I'm slicing my Pokedoll (and plush) collection down again <.<; because I could use some shelf space for some Krookodilez (and Murkrows). I've got a few plush up for offers below as well as straight sales so please take a look! 

Taking offers until Sunday May 8th.

So I'm not really looking to trade for these (unless you've got some Gurren Lagann merch out there....)

I reserve the right not to sell an item if the offers aren't quite what I'm hoping for :)

Things to keep in mind:: -Will hold for 24 hours. :3  (Unless asked for more time) 
-Payment is due within 24 hours (Echecks are ok!)
-I ship from the USA
-I will sometimes re-use bubblemailers because I'm a recycling hippie. If that's a problem let me know.
-will not ship internationally. Sorry.
Minimum order of $2.00 please!

-Paypal ONLY
-I am not responsible for items once they end up shipped out. If you want insurance ask for it. You are expected to cover the fee for this if you want it.
-I do not put tracking on all of the items that I ship out. If you want tracking you must specify it at the time of purchase. There is also a flat $2.00 fee for tracking. 
-Please note for offers:: I will take offers until bids dye down. Also please note that I might not sell--depending on offers. 
-Please do not ask for shipping quotes if you do not have the intention to purchase. It's a waste of my time and yours. :3

OFFERS -- For offers I don't mind if you pay within the next few days of auction ending :3 Just please not more than 2-3 days! 

Houndour Pokedoll
-Mint with butt tag (it does have the letter 'B' on it because it was previously owned, just drawn on with marker)  
Starts at $60

Poochyena UFO
-Mint with butt tag and hang tag
-Teeth are felt and have split but could be easily fixed with glue
Starts at $45

Butterfree Pokedoll
-Mint with butt tag
-Darker minky version
Starts at $45


Rayquaza Pokedoll  and DX  Rayquaza Pokedoll
-Mint with tag                    -Mint with butt tag
$25                                       $50

'Pokedoll' Tag Pokedolls-- all mint with butt and paper tags
Jolteon:  $30
Giratina:  $30
'Origin' Giratina:  $25

Nintendo World Jolteon
-Mint with paper and butt tag

Mint Palkia Pokedoll-- Mint with Butt tag:  $20
Arceus Pokedoll-- Mint with Butt tag:  $20
Treecko Pokedoll--Loved-- $15---ON HOLD (royalballoon) 

Tomy Eevee-- Mint with butt tag-- $25
Eevee Friends Plush-- $20

Large Talking Zorua Plush
-Fresh out of the box and minty
-Still jabbers away

Shinx Bobblehead
-Clean, no scratches or damage

Tags: auction, houndour, plush, pokedolls, poochyena, sales, shinx, treecko, zorua
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