Brent (shinysuicune) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hey guys! I'm here with some more updates (and a couple of quick Zukan wants!) I managed to get to a TRU, and found some awesome merch there, as well as some new Zukan for my collection! Clickity click the cut to see my new babies! :D

Here, thanks to Cardwhale's awesome BW Zukan GB, I have obtained the Unfezant Zukans, both A and B! Thank you bb, you're awesome! ;D

And we have the Swinub line Zukan (SUPER ADORABLE) from glaceon4444's sales post. ^^ These guys are so little and detailed! I always thought Piloswine was bigger.... O.O Oh well, I still love him! Also, I love how their feets are sculpted on as well, that was a very nice touch. :D

And here, we've got the Tyranitar line! BEAUTIFUL OMG. These guys are easily my favorite Zukan ever, second only to my shiny Raikou, the first Zukan I ever managed to get. In fact, this Tyranitar inspired me enough to overcome my artist's block....but you will see how when I get sales permission and take commissions! (that rhymed...)

Oh man. This Zukan not only completes my set of the Zukan from the Zoroark movie, but it is also extremely beautiful and special! Roxiexcore sent this to me, free, with my Jolteon attack kid (not pictured here...I could have swore I took one with my new camera!). I love the diorama/scenery Zukan, they are very detailed and beautiful, and this one is no exception! Thanks again, roxiexcore! ^^ (btw, if you see this, that candy was quite delicious!)

This charm.....oh my gawd. It is beautifully made, and it is amazing in every way! Look at Pika's cuteness. Does it burn your soul with its level of adorable? I bet it does. Thank you, ewokie, for allowing me to add this gorgeous Fukuoka Pikachu charm to my collection! At the same time however, darn you for making me want more charms like these! D: Oh, Johto dex I long for you, thanks to this lone Pika.

And last but not least by any means, the Doofs! :D I have never seen this zukan for sale before here, so, when fizzycat pointed me to her sales, I had to grab them. Look at Doof, don't you want to hug him? And his momma, too? I sure do! Thanks again, fizzy!

Now for a quick want....anyone have an Aerodactyl zukan or a Magikarp for cheap? I may not be able to pay right away, but I need them in my life. Thanks for reading, and for being awesome sellers, guys! Love you all!

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