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Hey guys :) I thought I'd stop lurking and post.
I'm a casual collector, or rather... not much of one :'D I loved Pokemon as a kid and even went to the TCG league in my town, but never really bought other merch.

But! Last year I was in Tokyo because of a three-month study trip and happened to visit a Pokemon Center. For a brief time I did pickups for people over on LJ (some of them are here, too :D) and sort of ... got sucked into it. |D

While stuff for people, I ended up buying things for me as well. That wasn't planned! This was my modest loot:

My favorite has to be the Canvas Raichu, an impulse buy. Pokedoll Zoroark and walky Charmander, too.
You can also see the Magikarp and Charizard notebooks I got for personal use (to keep track of said pickup orders :'D) - the bag was a 'special' Celebi bag according to the nice cashier. Who, by the way, gave me about 20 unused bags of different sizes since I'd bought so many things ♥ (not pictured)

I forgot to take a picture of my Lucario charms ... and my ridiculous (and lovely) shirt of Lucario holding a rose. I kid you not.

The Team Rocket binder has all my old cards in it! Collected when I was 13 or so. I have a couple of full sets and spares (sadly, half of my cards are in italian). Here's a peek to the page of promos:

I'm expecting my first SMJ package - and plenty of stuff I bought from members of the comm, so the collection will probably grow soon!

In the meantime, a couple of wants: I'm looking for the (infamous) Altaria pokedoll, as well as Shinx pokedoll and Vulpix canvas.
Also, if you have stuff for the Lucario movie, I'd love to see it! Things like clearfiles, notebooks, folders... Just show me what you have :) I don't have an exaggerate amount of spending money, but we can discuss. :D
Tags: altaria, lucario, shinx, vulpix
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