Don't breed or buy,while shelter animals Die~ (goku_the_saru) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Don't breed or buy,while shelter animals Die~

Long time no see.

So I had some questions. I am about to put the majority of my stuff up on ebay,but would like to know what I should price them at.

I also thought I might give you guys all the chance to have at them first,since I would love to see this stuff go to collectors.

My roomies and I are trying to get into a house,and start our pit bull rescue. So far we have rescued 3,and living in this small apt. is just not cutting it.

Anyway here are some pics. Thanks for looking! ps: I never did get my pokekid *sniffle*

Giant card signed by Ikue Otani the voice of Pikachu,(I got this a few years ago when she was at sakura-con)


Plush with tags intact(smoke free home,AND kept away from pets)CHIKORITA/SKYMIN SOLD

Pez dispensers,glaceon key chain figure,shaymin glowing keychain Pokemon chupa chup pokeball with Zoroark figure(un wrapped)


This is just a few of the items I have. ;3

Roomies stuff:

ps: These are the pitties :3 Bruno,Beia and Kush(Kush gets a little excited :/ )

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