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do you like charmander, eevee, meowth and dragonite? DO YOU LIKE SUUUUUPER RARE, SOUTH AMERICAN EXCLUSIVE COIN PURSE PLUSHIES?! :D

about a month ago, some comm members found a bunch of these super rare fellows, and with the help of some super spanish translating friends, i managed to get the lot! these are the fellows who do not yet have homes, so please give them a chance!

and if you wonder what was in this for ME, well, wait for my super raichu update next week.... (i know it must be very hard to guess).

THESE PLUSH ARE MINT WITH TAGS!! completely brand new, un-used condition!

Each plush begins at 20$. Shipping will be 5$ each.
Each plush has a white clip, mini backpack-straps, and a zippered pouch!
They are about 15 CM tall!

Bidding will end TUESDAY NIGHT, MAY 10th, 11 PM EASTERN CENTRAL TIME. Follow all community rules when bidding! Bid in the appropriate threads!

The photos don't look like my normal ones because they are by my father! XD

I am also trying to find out more about these plush. So far I know they are South America only, having been sold in Brazil and Mexico (as reported by PKMNcollectors in those areas). We know of these plush in the set, though we don't have photos of them all (bold means I do NOT have a photo yet).

-Snorlax (I was supposed to get him but he was not in my box D:!!!)

Does anybody have any more information on these guys, or know of any more in the set?
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