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Pokemon Cross Stitch Customs <3

When I was little my Mother taught me how to cross stitch. It was one of the first crafts I ever learned how to do and I loved it. But I never managed to finish anything. So I decided to pick it back up again just a couple weeks ago. And of course I started cross stitching Pokemon sprites! :D I love doing them so much I thought I should offer customs to the community. So follow the cut for samples and info~! <3

~*~*~ RULES ~*~*~
I received sales permission on 7/7/10.
These are all hand stitched by me with DMC floss.
I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have negative feedback or I have had trouble with you in the past.
Size depends on the sprite you chose.
I only take Paypal and payments must be up front to buy materials.
Once I give you your total I need to recieve your payment in 24 hours or you will lose your slot.
Shipping to the US costs $1.00. Shipping internationally costs $3.00.
If you enjoyed getting my customs I would really love for you to give me some feedback. You can find my feedback thread here:

~*~*~ PRICES ~*~*~
For small sized sprites, like menu sprites and Mystery Dungeon sprites, prices will range $5 - $10 depending on detail.
For larger sized sprites, like game sprites, prices will range $10 - $25 depending on detail.
For extras, such as wording or symbols (like hearts/snowflakes), it'll start with an extra $1 - $5 depending on detail.
Feel free to ask for quotes~! C:

~*~*~ BASE COLORS ~*~*~

I have several base colors to chose from. So pick any of these colors for your sprite to be on. :3

All the colors I have:
~ Sparkly Sliver
~ Red
~ Platinum
~ Light Green
~ Beige
~ Black
~ Speckled Grey
~ Light Blue
~ White

~*~*~ SAMPLES ~*~*~

~*~*~ SLOTS ~*~*~

1. tyltalis - Altaria Menu Sprite w/ Clouds
Tags: custom
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