Jean (jeansama) wrote in pkmncollectors,

magnet sale reminder!

I think I posted this too late in the night last time, so I'm reminding everyone about my BW magnet sales! These aren't very common, so come nab your favourites before you lose your chance! Some popular Pokes still have no offers, or are still low like $6 for Reuniclus, so!

(follow ze fake cut!! )

I'd also love to get rid of these--I'm not as fond of them as I'd like. Both are MWT, and 6 inches tall. They're $17 each, or $30 if you take both!
Tags: alomomola, audino, axew, blitzle, cinccino, cofagrigus, cottonee, cubchoo, darmanitan, darumaka, dewott, drilbur, duosion, dwebble, emboar, emolga, excadrill, foongus, klink, krokorok, krookodile, leavanny, liepard, litwick, minccino, minun, munna, musharna, oshawott, panpour, pansage, pansear, patrat, pidove, pignite, pikachu, purrloin, reshiram, reuniclus, sales, samurott, sandile, sawsbuck, scraggy, serperior, servine, sewaddle, simipour, simisage, simisear, snivy, solosis, swadloon, swanna, swoobat, tepig, tranquill, woobat, yamask, zebstrika, zekrom
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