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Worth/Rarity of my stuff.

Hello community! This is my second post here now. Basicly just wondering about the rarity/ worth of some of the pokemon things I have. I won't be selling them, but im just curious, some I have no memory of where they came from.

Pictures will be under the cut if I do it right!

Also sorry for the camera phone pictures, all I got right now.

This is a Pikachu a recieved as a present from my aunt as a kid. He has no tags, no bum tags either. I remember years ago I thought I saw one like him, but I can't remember the brand name or anything. Could anyone tell me the brand/how rare he is? Hasbro Snorlax Beanie for size reference.

This is a Charmander, from where I have no idea. I don't where or who I got it from, I don't think its official though, looks pretty ... I dunno, bad.

These are Cards that I recived free from a german ebay seller who sent me a Venomoth tomy figure. I don't know if they are rare or old or anything, but they look pretty cool. Also some Poliwag/Wrath peices of paper? From her. Im not sure what they are supposed to be either.

This Chimchar I got from the Melbourne Show, not sure how many years ago, I'd like to know if its considered rare or not. Also my sisters Piplup from the same place.

This is a Mew marble bag I bought from Gametraders in Australia for 20$, it came with some marbles that ill show too. I'm not sure if certain marbles are rarer than others or if theyre just random or what, but yeah.

Blue Poliwhirl, Dark yellow Porygon, Blue Kangaskhan, Green Hitmonlee

A Dark Clear (best way I can describe it) Dewgong, A chromeish multicolored awsome Magneton (if any of them are special i'd have to say its that one), Orange Raichu

Yellow Kangaskhan, Blue Koffing.

Close up of the magneton

And this is a Poliwhirl reverseable pokeball plush, I see quite a few of them around but would still like to know his worth. He was my first pokemon toy I ever got. My sister got a poliwag, and my other sister thinks she got a Jiggleypuff, but both of those are long lost.

aannd thats it! Hope I can get some insight on these things :)

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