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B/W pan sticker GA is in!

Got a big ol' stack of pan stickers in today :D If you participated in THIS GA, this post concerns you! This payment is shipping from Japan to me (roughly $.61 per person) plus shipping from me to you plus fees. I'll be sending these in plain white envelopes unless you ask otherwise. Shipping costs aaare:

Within the US: $1.39
UK/Australia: $1.99
Canada: $1.78

Please send payment to becky_1229[at] with your name in the note somewhere, and I'll have these out asap C:
LET ME KNOW if your address has changed since you sent the first payment, because those are what I have written down! xP Also, okapifeathers and thunderwolfcat, I never got the first payment from you guys! Let me know where you're located so I can update your totals!

I do have some extras available, woo! :D They are: set 1 Pikachu and Patrat, set 2 Minccino, Drilbur, and Watchog, and set 3 Tepig, Cubchoo, and Tranquill. Check the GA post for pictures! These leftover pan stickers will be $1 each and are open to anyone, not just GA participants. (I've also got older-gen pan stickers and a ton of other stuff in my sales post, oh boy!!)
Tags: group auction, sales
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