roxyryoko (roxyryoko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Lowered sales: Last Chance for a While

Exams just ended so I'm moving out in a few days. I have a few packages ready to ship, but I'd like to send out more and give new homes to my items. Prices have been lowered as I don't know when I'll put anything back up. Also, feel free to haggle. : D

Some items include Mime Jr. plushies, Zapdos deluxe shooter figure, Charmander Game Boy Advance Holder, Bonsly phone charms, Lucario strap phone charms, hasbro beanies, and a Lucario T-shirt. And a few 151 badges.
Tags: blastoise, bonsly, charmander, jigglypuff, lucario, squirtle, venusaur, zapdos
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