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cute art card sales + GA reminder!!!!

Today I bring you a special little sales post of these cute little Eeveelution art cards!

click the pictures for bigger versions, or check under the cut for details and even better pics!

These adorable art cards are specially made by my artistic BFF. She has given them to me, and is allowing me to sell them to the community! And the pictures do them no justice! They are much cuter in person, believe me!

They are the size of TCG and fit into a TCG sleeve. They are done with colour pencils and are one of a kind- She unable to redo the same card again, so if you'd like one you better get one fast! :D

you can click all of the pictures for larger versions. and I promise you, they are so much more awesome in person! the cameras kinda eat away some of the pretty colours :P

So if you're interested in one of these cute cards for yourself, then you can buy one here!

Available: Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon

Quick Sales Terms

~ Shipping is from Canada
~ Shipping and paypal fees are included in prices
~ Sales Permission granted on 12/09/10 by dakajojo
~ Any questions or concerns, let me know!

Each card is $6 before shipping and paypal

The final prices including shipping and paypal fees are as follows:
To Canada is $7.50
To US is $7.75
To all other destinations is $8.50

Just comment which card you want and your location and I can provide you with my paypal address!

Also, my BFF is interested in working on commissions. I can hook you up with a commission if interested :D She is taking 5 slots at the moment so if interested just let me know! A commissioned piece would be the exact same totals as above.

Thanks so much for looking!

Also, a GA reminder!!!

This is for the awesome captainangel GA! If you want a chance to get an awesome plush that is in amazing condition with tags attached, then check it out!! :D

Also participants of the Foam Stamp GA- I finally have the stamps and the shipping amounts figured out. I'll going to be messaging you all ASAP with totals. Sorry for the delay!
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