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Going-to-America Sales!

Hi guys! Today I did something I've been planning to do for around 5 years now: I bought plane tickets to America! In three and a half weeks (I'm a last-minute kind of person) I will be winding my way around the States visiting a bunch of friends, including many from this comm. However, this means I need money, so I have a bunch of stuff up for sale! Some of it is new, some of it is old with lots of reduced prices.

RULES!! They apply even if you don't read them!
- Paypal only, all prices in USD
- The total I give you will include fees and shipping
- I ship from Australia, shipping for flats starts at $1 within Australia/$2.50 outside and for non-flats starts at $5 within Australia/$8 outside (US starts at $10, UK/Europe starts at $12). Backing out due to failure to read this notice will not be tolerated and I will leave negative feedback.
- There will be a minimum 1 week wait on shipping since I have to wait for money to transfer out of Paypal to my bank account, but I will endeavour to post out within 2 weeks of receiving payment, and I will update you (either via PM or a notice on the comm) if I'm slower than this.
- I cannot be held responsible for things lost or damaged in the mail. You may purchase tracking/insurance if you wish but it will cost considerably more for destinations outside Australia.
- No trades at the moment (unless I owe you money), no holds unless I know you well. Only exception for trades is for video games, I like them.


New magnets! I have doubles as pictured. Make offers on these, the going rate I've seen around the comm is around $5+ per Pokemon, but I'll ask/accept more or less depending on popularity and how many you're buying. You can offer on individual magnets or a whole sheet.
Gone: Swoobat, Woobat, Oshawotts, Emolga, Liepard, yellow-outline Reshiram, blue-outline Pikachu, Scraggys, Serperior, Servine, Blitzle, Zebraika

Older (and thus rarer) magnets! Again, make offers.
Gone: Oshawott, Meowth, green-outline Reshiram, Servine, Fraxure, Haxorus, Pansear, Pidove, Choroneko

Plush weeded from my collection! Non-shiny DX Happiny is pretty loved, $10. $3 for Shellos (NWT), $3 for Jakks Happiny (NWT), $10 for Gengar and $25 for the NWT Munna Pokedoll (decided I didn't really like it), or I'll trade for a Whimsicott.

Deck of playing cards, probably bootleg, but has some cute art (mixture of anime and, uh, non-anime art)? I mean, just look at those adorable Digletts! $5.

Playing card lot 1 (Zekrom lot) - $1 each, or all for $10.

Playing card lot 2 (Reshiram lot) - $1 each, or all remaining for $11.
Gone: Axew, Fraxure, Haxorus, Snivy, Servine, Serperior, Pidove

Or take both playing card lots above for $17.

I've also reduced prices on the stuff in my regular sales, and of course shipping can be combined - click the banner below to see them!

It is 4am right now so I'm going to bed and will reply to any comments in the morning. :)
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