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Shadoweon's TCG Trading Post

I have sales permission from lineeabla (sp?, I can't find her profile to remember the spelling. D:)
I ship from the United States, and can only ship to other people in the US unless you are willing to pay for international shipping. (US Shipping is Free.)
I send cards in a regular envelope, if you want I can reinforce it with tape.
I will usually ship on the next available mail day.

What I want:

-Any mightyena and poocyhena cards I don't have (See Above).
-Any cards I don't have by the artists :Atsuko Nishida, Sachico Adachi & Yuka morii.
-Other Preferred Artists: Kagemaru Himeno,5ban Graphics & Kouki Saitou,Sui & Naoya Kimura.
-Cards of pokemon I like.
-Any cards I don't have from the B/W set (looking to have entire set).
-In general, cards I don't have, I prefer some sets over others and like Ruby& Sapphire sets onward the most ,but I'll accept sets from before too.
-I will accept trainer cards and energy cards I do not have as well but I  likely will only trade commons for these.

What I Have-

NOTE: Ponyta and Horsea have visible flaws/damage.

Black and White:

Emerging Powers:

Noble Victories:

Note: Blitzle has a small amount of damage on one side.

Next Destinies:

Note: Raichu has light crease in left corner.

Dark Explorers:

Plasma Storm:

Plasma Blast:
GONE: Snowrunt & Glalie
If anyone trades anything at all,thank you  very much! Please don't be afraid to offer even if the card is very common,that's fine if I don't have it . c:
Tags: cards, entei, mightyena, minccino, poochyena, reshiram, simipour, skiploom, tangela, zekrom
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