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Hello Community~

I am here to bring you some sales!
Card Sales and Normal Sales~

I do not have all the cards posted. It would be way too many pictures and take to much time as there is so much to go through.

so if there is anything specific you are looking for let me know and I'll do a search through my tins to see if I have it for you :3

I forgot to mention that  the post office scale I had here is broken.  So you would have to wait for me to make a run to my post office to give you a quote :(

I am sorry for this inconvenience. If you do not wish to wait till for me to give you a quote I'd understand ^^

The cards are priced with color coded dots.

Here is what each dot means:

Green Dot = .25
Aqua Dot = .50
Red Dot =  $1
Yellow Dot = $2
Pink Dot = $3
Orange Dot = $4

I am will to haggle on certain ones, so if you feel a card is priced too high let me know what you'd like to pay for it and we shall see. ^^

(Right Click > View Picture to see them zoomed in)

Sold: Holo Darkness Energy
Hold:Espeon Prime

Sold: Emboar
Hold: Houndoom, Galvantula

Sold: Holo Fighting Energy / Pokemon Collector
Hold: Indigo Plateau

if you are looking for a specific pokemon let me know and I'll show you what I have of that pokemon ^^

And here is my regular sales.

And a note to any I bought anything from. All payments have been sent, but I've been getting messages that they haven't gone through D;
so if a payment from me hasn't shown up let me know and I'll check into that asap.
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