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Huge plush collection update with a few inquiries :D

 Good evening my friends. I haven't posted my plush collection in quite a while, despite many promises in small posts that I would. I finally fixed my camera and thought it was a nice enough day to do some cheesy Pokemon plush shoots. Work it baby! Nothing like that, I just photographed them on the background of my comforter. And along with this extensive post, I will have some questions and explanations in the end that I hope you will read and respect. Thank you.

Now I'm done with using fancy language and will now proceed to skaefbga,jebfgea,js out. 

Here we go! My plush collection! <3 Just a sec, I need to make sure the cut work :I It does <3

Here we go then :D A l clumped together piece of the bunch. Some babies couldn't get in my shot, but I'm going to go through each plush. So don't worry if you! Let's start with the long process of giving each their little spot light. Kind of. 

My sweet little Pikachu! He's the American 2011 model.  akeyma waskind enough to sell him to me along with a Piloswine charm. 

His hair is squishy lol. Not like a lightning bolt at all. His butt tag is nicely intact. All in all he's a chubby little thing with baby feet and rounded edges. :3

Next is the Plusle and Minun duo! I bought the American model Minun on eBay from one of the most sincere sellers I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. He's a bit loved, but in great condition beyond that. And the Japanese model Plusle was from a trade with 
darkfaeprincess . I wanted a Plusle for Minun and she offered hers for taking! :D
Another collector pointed out the difference between the thread work on both Pokemon. The American does had a more clear cut skitching. They're both 2005 models by the way. And Plusle wanted to say hello to his old owner, and to say he's content with Minun over here on Cape Cod, despite that fact that Minun is a lazy ass. 
The Sinnoh starters, Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup. Honestly, I'm not very fond of them XD. The eBay seller squished them all in a dirty package so there are indents everywhere that can't be popped out. They're 2006 Japanese models. 
See! His butt is all squashed >:( Turtwig is in the best condition I think. And that's all that's wrong with them actually...
Squirtle, the amazingly rare and smoochable Pokedoll! His face is the best uguuu. He's very used though. His fabric is rough and a bit dirty. But I could care less. 
  His tag was ripped off too. I think he might have been a child's toy of some sort. But I adore the shell markings. And his tail is perfect. AND HIS STUBBY ARMS. 
Annnnd Cyndaquil with Typholsion! I'm not sure WHAT Cyndaquil is, but Typhlosion is a Banpresto UFO Catcher. He was quite the lucky find for me :> 
Look at his face! The flames on his neck are a bit dull, but how can I complain. That's his only fault. And seriously, what is this Cyndaquil from? What set of plush is he of? Could anyone tell me?

My 12" Marill plush and small (in comparison) Banpresto Totodile! Marill is so plushy and comfy and I want to sleep with him in my arms forever and ever. Totodile needs to calm the fuck down. 
His tail is less zig-zaggy than usual. And Totodile, what are you doing with your butt in the air like that, stop embarrassing yourself and your family. 

The Eeveelution troup: Vaporeon, Leafeon, Jolteon, Umbreon (Pokedolls) and two Eevees (One Banpresto and one unknown). The -eons were bought on Amazon and both Eevees were Christmas gifts from my mother. 
 Each -eon is a 2007 model except for Vaporeon who is from 2008. Umbreon and Jolteon are American made and Leafeon and Vaporeon are Japanese made. My big Eevee has a marker spot on his leg when did this happen D:. But they're cute together, the little and small one. Any idea where the larger Eevee is from? 
Lugia and Ho-oh. They contrast very nicely, no? Lugia is an international made model from 2010 that blackfruitbat  picked up for me and Ho-oh is a Japanese model from 2005. 
My dog chewed a hole in Ho-oh's tale :(. It's not a large one, and I don't mind it, but if I ever want to sell my plush then no one will want poor little crippled Ho-oh. His face is intensely beautiful though. The color is amazing. And my favorite thing about Lugia is his back. The scales look so cool, and the slope from his neck to tale is swan-like. 
Hoenn Pokemon! Sceptile was won on eBay for a little more than $30. He's a 2005 US model, along with Swampert. Oh, and SWAMPERT MY LOVE I HAVE WAITED SO LONG FOR YOOOOU. I won him for $25 in a GA here awhile back and omg I am so happy I must shed a single tear of liquid happiness. Never leave me, babu. Mudkip is a derpy bootleg who can't even stand up. :I
Here are some more pictures. Swampert's tail is the best. And his face is the perfect mix between derp and awesome. Mudkip you're still lame. Get up. Your legs are too tiny to even support your flat he-oh, look, your papa is helping you stand. Such good parenting. And Sceptile I was timid to buy, but the making of his back and arms sold me. 
Johto plushies! Quagsire is a weirdo that my father bought me, I don't know where he got him and I'm not sure I want to know. Teddiursa is the original Pokedoll (not the re-release), Japanese made. And Hoppip was sold to my by a lovely collector who should remind me of their name XD. 
Hoppip has a little mark on his face. I call it a war wound though. Yeah. So legit. And look at the little footsie ugu. 
My huge 17" Latios bootie! Oh nooo, a bootie, run for your life! Poison! Lol he's really cuddly and great. I have no problem with his bootleg status, especially seeing as they don't actually HAVE Latios plush like him that are legit. Here are some reference pics, since I'm planning on selling him in the future:
And a size comparison with Pikachu. Let me know if you'll be interested :)

Mew type plushies! Jirachi is an ebay buy, 2008 Japanese model. His face is enormous compared to his body lol. Shaymin was another pick up by blackfruitbat, an international 2010 model. Pokedoll Celebi was also an eBay buy, 2006 US model. And Jakks Celebi was an Easter gift from my mother! 

Shaymin's grass is the fluffiest thing in ever. EVER. And the flowers on her ears are beautiful. Shaymin might be one of my fave Pokedolls. And it's fun comparing the Jakk with the Pokedoll. 
Ghost Pokemon! I bought Gengar on Amazon. He's a 2007 Japanese model. And Drifloon was won in another GA. Canvas plushies are so soft and light-colored :D
LET'S PLAY A GAME GUYS. And Drifloon's tassels are fun to swing around. 
My little Psychic Pokemon. Ralts and Chingling are Jakks from eBay and Chimeco....I don't know what him XD
Ralts's eyes! 
Hoenn dragons. Flygon is a hasbro plush and Salamence is a Banpresto. Does anyone know where I can find the other Salamence plush? Thanks. 
A Lapras Pokedoll that another unknown user (Sorry I'm so forgetful! D:) sold me! He's a 2010 international model. The ridges on his back shell actually feel bumpy! His curly ears are so impressive :)
Electric Pokemon plushies! Ampharos is Banpresto. Pachirisu is the 2010 international model. Both were bought from ebay, once again :P I spend way too much time and money there. 
You can't see Amphy's smile without looking under his cheeks! Pachirisu's ear is a bit understuffed. His tail, however, is pact with stuffing! It feels so full and soft. 
Dun dun dun dun! A custom Breloom made by the genius slothyshroom 
Breloom has always been one of my favorite Pokemon, so I was really excited to see him up for auction! I usually don't spend this much on a plush, even a custom, but I couldn't resist. 
The little threads on his cap are coming loose! But I'm pretty sure they won't come off. His cap and tail are firm and soft, the best part of him I think. His bright red feet and hands are adorable too. Overall, I am extremely happy with him and hope to never have to give him up :>
Some miscellaneous Unova plush: A Tomy Scraggy (named Chad ;D) from eBay, a Banpresto Tepig, and three mini Banpresto keychains: Snivy, Zorua, and Pansage. 
Pants up! Pants down!
Pansage's broccoli has some stuffing coming out, but otherwise he's perfect. Snivy's feet are like bananas. And his arms are heroin thin! Tepig's tail is slightly curly :D
This custom Dewott was sewn by FanGaara on deviantart. She isn't at professional level yet, but she does amazing plushies either way. And her comissions aren't too expensive! Dewott was only around $28! And of course, my Japanese 2010 model Oshawott pokedoll.
Some more pics! :D
And FINALLY, my Glameow Pokedoll. Thank God I got through all of that XP. Glameow is a 2007 US model. 
I hope you all enjoyed my collection! Not shown: Raikou Banpresto, Togekiss Banpresto, and Buneary something. 
Now. in the past week I've had a couple pet accidents that have really deflated my Pokemon funds. Luckily, anyone I owed money for has been kind enough to tolerate me. For a couple weeks I won't be able to make any payments. Don't worry though, I'll be fine. We (me and my bro) have payed both vet bills and I'll be earning back the lost cash in the next couple weeks.
Secondly, can anyone tell me about the current stock and prices of Pokemon plush at the NYC Nintendo Store? I'll be going up their in a month or two, for my birthday, and mother is taking me up to the city! And she's letting me buy as many as I want with her money *_* So I would really appreciate any info you guys have!
Finally, I was wondering about the current status on rarity/price for a some plush:
DX Wobbuffet Pokedoll
DX/Normal sized Wailord Pokedoll
Venusaur Banpresto
Raichu Canvas
Minccino Pokedoll
Charizard Pokedoll
Espeon Pokedoll
Oddish Plushplush
Any type of Bellossom plush
Thanks again, community :D
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