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Pansage collection update~ (also doujins)

And by update, I mean all of it. :V

Howdy everyone! Ever since my last post, I've gotten some goodies! So far, I don't have anything of Pansear/pour yet. Sorry for the grainy and slightly blurry photos, the light in my room isn't the greatest. @_@

Lil'sage motions you to click that cut!

First off, monkeys:

Pokecen 6" plush and BW2 Kid I got from denkimouse , while the 6" Branpresto chibi plush I got from nanoplasm . Thanks so much guys <33 ;_;

Also, I forgot if I posted about doujins a long time ago, but I might as well post them. I got these a long while back and remembered about them since I got 2 new ones coming in soon.

"Natural" by Orange Pekoe on your left, and "Jump!" by Red Zinger. The pairing can be figured out easily.

Steven/May stuff. "013" by Nanzo-Ya Shinshu-Shiten Kanaru on the left, and "Strawberry Paradox" by Strawberry Popp.

I noticed not many people collect doujins in the commune (also, no tag for it in here). I'm guessing they're hard to come by? Unless you like old school Ash/Gary ones or something. lol
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