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Fineapple Princess

Collection update... And a grail that took 6 years to find.

Alrighty~ :D Are you all tired of me yet? ;D Well, this time it's a collection update, along with some small sales. :D (Including a grail that took me 6 years to get... Oh how I love it.)

Ok... Gonna start off with some pokedolls first! :D

Shaymin!<3 This is one I got in a lot with Elisha1288. :) With fees and all, each plush was only $2.46. :)

10th Anniversary Chikorita! :D :D Got this one from that lot. :3 It was my main reason for buying it. xD

Just look at that tag! Adorable~<3

Marill friends plush! :D I love it. lol.

Johto starters keychains! :D I LOVE THEM. OMG. Johto pokemon are THE BEST.

Other keychain plush.. All of them are Banpresto, except for the Piplup in front, which is a Tomy one. :D

Weird Chikorita plush... idk. it's weird. xD I'M SELLING IT. THROW ME SOME OFFERS GUYS! :D

Big Banpresto Pichu and little Pichu! :D I LOVE THESE 2. I brought the big Pichu with me when I had to get blood work done... And I nearly bit its ear off. xD (And they're leaning on the toys for Storm and Mabo... Need to send those out..)

Pikachu clearfile! IT'S SO CUTE.

This is most of my collection. :3 I love them all so much.<3

I found this shelf in my closet recently, and I loveee it! :D 

Here's my wall of flats... Nothing new except for the HG/SS poster... Which I ripped in half since I forgot it was in the package. xD

Anime and Pokemon shelf... Most anime, but there's still some Pokemon. :3

My bed. It's a mess. And has some Pokemans on it. ;D


Tomy Piplup keychain, Mudkip Pokemon Center thingy, and overdrive Reshiram tomy! :D

LOOK AT THE MUDKIPZ! I heard yew liek Mudkipz tew? :3

Just a close up of my shelves. :) (except for one... Since I'm saving the grail get for last.) ;D

Shaymin is so cute! :D

Now.. For my grail get! :D :D 

The 2001 Tomy Suicune plush! : D Omg. I love it so much. It is beautifullllll!<3 I can't believe I got it. :D I've been looking for one for 6 or 7 years... IT'S JUST SO AMAZING.<3

Buttribbons! :D So cute.<3

Anyways.. That's all for my collection update! :D Hope you enjoyed. ;D 

Now, for some sales! :D Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 4/24/11

Banpresto Lotad plush brand new with tags: $15

Weird Chikorita plushie: offers?

Krokorok rev. holo: $4
Zoroark: $4.50
Timburr: $1
Energy search: $1

That's all the sales I feel like posting.. Thankies guys! :D 

And as always, some wants.

-Professor Juniper cards! (English rev. Holo, Japanese Non-holo, Japanese rev. holo, Japanese Rev. Holo promo)
-Professor Juniper Settei! (Not getting my hopes up for this one..)
-Pokedolls! I want pokedolls! 
-Reshiram/Zekrom/Serperior/Samurott/Emboar pokedoll (at a good price.. If I don't get an offer soon I will just get it off Sunyshore)
-Pokemon center merch. Especially the weird stuff! :D

Also! I need GA payments as soon as possible! It's for this GA: 

Spreadsheet is here:

I need payments from: my_chapstick, spiritwolven, chamo_chan, elisha1288, and pokabubu. :D Please send these as soon as you can to Let me know if you can't view the spreadsheet! D: I have been having problems with people not being able to view it.. Thankies!~

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