Fineapple Princess (mizuhokusanagi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Fineapple Princess

Collection update... And a grail that took 6 years to find.

Alrighty~ :D Are you all tired of me yet? ;D Well, this time it's a collection update, along with some small sales. :D (Including a grail that took me 6 years to get... Oh how I love it.)

Collection stuffs.Collapse )

Now, for some sales! :D Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 4/24/11

Sales, sales, sales.Collapse )

And as always, some wants.

-Professor Juniper cards! (English rev. Holo, Japanese Non-holo, Japanese rev. holo, Japanese Rev. Holo promo)
-Professor Juniper Settei! (Not getting my hopes up for this one..)
-Pokedolls! I want pokedolls! 
-Reshiram/Zekrom/Serperior/Samurott/Emboar pokedoll (at a good price.. If I don't get an offer soon I will just get it off Sunyshore)
-Pokemon center merch. Especially the weird stuff! :D

Also! I need GA payments as soon as possible! It's for this GA: 

Spreadsheet is here:

I need payments from: my_chapstick, spiritwolven, chamo_chan, elisha1288, and pokabubu. :D Please send these as soon as you can to Let me know if you can't view the spreadsheet! D: I have been having problems with people not being able to view it.. Thankies!~

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