gabtizzle (gabtizzle) wrote in pkmncollectors,

spoiler and some questions!

hey guys,

sorry for my absence! my computer got the worst virus ever created by man and then i had to completely reboot my computer so all my files had to be moved or deleted bla bla bla whatever

so some of of you might remember me mentioning a project i was working on, well it's officially done but i have to take a few more pictures and such so i can't post it as of now (probably sometime wednesday).

but i will leave you guys with a bit of a teaser.....

(drawn in a few minutes then photographed with my crappy phone cam you for you guys!)

i will not reveal much right now but i will let you now that

1. it is an arcanine (duh what else)
2. it's based on the japanese shisa

now for some questions,

what was the official name for the pokemon battle dice figures?
somebody here gave me a great name to put on yahoo japan to show a lot of results. and since all my links got deleted i really need to get some of those back.

thanks in advance!
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