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Lucinda Connelly


************PLEASE READ************

I have decided to cancel this GA unless the seller provides better photos in which we can tell if they're real pokedolls, myself and many other members of the community have there doubts whether these plush are legit and it is not worth the risk of disapointment! If it turns out they're okay (with the exception of umbreon that is almost definitely a booty), another post will be made if the GA starts up again and this thread will be deleted.


Hey guys got some eevelutions here for your interest!


*Auction ends in 6 days from now (May 14th, 5am PDT) so please get your bids in before then!
*Community rules apply (please no sniping!)
* There will be 2 payments! Items+Shipping to me then shipping from me to you
*Please make sure you can pay as soon as I make the payment post, I can't afford to cover anyone!
*Please don't place bid unless you are commited to buying!
*All pokedolls will be starting at $15 and I will be claiming the vaporeon at $40 and willing to go higher
Seller says they are all in great condition! Flareon, Jolteon and Umbreon still have hand tags. Glaceon and vaporeon do not! so please keep that in mind when bidding on glaceon as it may bother people who like tags like me!

Please wait for me to make the threads before posting! they're up! go go go!
This is my first GA so if I have missed anything please feel free to tell me!
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