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Jakks Sandile, Snivy TCG figure

Hi everyone. I give up on my Toys R Us and my Walmarts and Targets never have Pokemon merchandise nevermind the Black and White series. I've checked multiple times at TRU for the Jakks Sandile and they always have everything but him.

He's my favourite of the Jakks collection. I need him in my life...

Found one! Thank you! ^.^

And I think these guys agree...

It's actually rather infuriating because my mom actually found one at TRU a while ago, but she saw it while shopping for my sister's birthday-knowing that I was looking for it. She didn't invite me out that day otherwise I wouldve gotten it. Well, she's convinced that my sister wants its, even though my sister declined. She still won't let either of us have it. I'm ticked off at the drama, so I'm just going to ask here. Please help me out!

In other news, you might remember that I purchased a Snivy TCG collector's tin a while back. The Snivy figure had came with a Tepig stand. So I contacted TPCI and they sent me out a replacement Snivy figure, you know, to "correct" their mistake. Well, I got it a few days ago, and guess what? It came with an Oshawott stand. What's with this? I don't get it, they said they would go out of their way to send me a whole new figure with the correct stand and they still mess up. What should I do? Should I really contact them again and inform them of their mistake a second time? I'm rather ticked off because it took a lot of pestering and emailing to get them to send me the replacement figure. The whole mess discouraged me from buying the other two tins, I really only want the figurines, but if they're going to be incorrect all the time, it isn't worth it.

Would anyone be willing to sell the Tepig and Oshawott figurines?

One last thing, I'm collecting these Pokeballs. Here's my collection so far:

*Not pictured: Masterball

I'm not in too much of a rush to collect these, I kinda just pick them up when I see one I don't have. But if anyone has any that I'm missing I might be interested.

Thanks guys ^.^

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