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Desperate sales, woohoo!

Sales permission granted on 05/08/11 by [info]dakajojo .
PayPal only
I ship from Canada, and I do ship internationally. Usually the shipping is around $8 to the US for a small package. Sorry. :T
I can hold items for you if you are going to pay before the 11th. If you can't do that, PLEASE don't ask me to hold something for you. This is called a desperate sale for a reason.
I will ship everything on the 11th.
Shipping, handling and fees are NOT included on the prices.
If you want tracking or anything on your items, I expect you to cover the fees. I will ship my items in the... Bubble envelope(? the ones that already have bubble wrap on them), or letter for flats.
Click for my feedback. After you purchase something I'll ask you for feedback. If you want feedback too, please send me yours! :3
As you can see, I just got my sales permission, so, if something's is missing on my sales terms, or something's is overpriced, let me know!

Now, onto the sales!~ 

-Munchlax Jakks (Mint, with tags) $7

-Unown Banpresto (Mint, with tags) $20 SOLD

-Spiritomb Pokédoll (Mint, just tush tag) $20 OBO, it has a small rip on his back, so no one probably wants him, but if someone is interested. SOLD

-Mareep Pokémon Time.... Thing. $1 OBO SOLD

- Raikou Chou Get Figure. $3

-Bayleef attack figure. $2 SOLD

-Tepig Kid $2.5 SOLD

-Pidove , Tepig and Galvantula (I have its plastic thingie too) Best Wishes figures. $4 each (I also have the cards! +$0.5).

Tepig is sold!
Galvantula is sold!
Pidove is sold!

-Lighting up charms! These are $8 each. I have Reshiram, Tepig, Minccino and Snivy. They are still inside their bags, but I can open and test them if you want to.

Minccino is sold!
Reshiram is sold!


-Mamoswine Kid $2 (I have the sticker and the box, that might be sightly damaged. If you want these guys, it's +$0.5)

-Torterra Gacha Strap Figure (I lost the strap... Somehow) $1

-Snivy Stylus $4 SOLD

-Tepig Stylus $4

-B/W cleaning screen cloth $2

-Reshiram Stylus $5

-Big Stickers $0.50
-Small Sickers $0.25

Staravia, one Buneary, Pokémon and Dialga are sold!

Thank you for looking! C:

Tags: bayleef, galvantula, mamoswine, munchlax, raikou, reshiram, sales, snivy, spiritomb, tepig
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