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Pokedoll Collection Update, and Wanted!~ (Can you help?)

Hey all!~

Spring means cute Pokedolls, and this year's dolls are a fabulous example! I was really pleased when these three cuties arrived at my door yesterday - Audino, Foongus, and Chinccino - thank you so much denkimouse ! <3 Audino is my favourite of these three - I love her little ear-curls! (She is currently living on my bedside table for easy access to cuddles!)

Chinchino finds a friend! - they use the same pattern for the head and body, but have different ears!~

Of course - the bonus Foongus shot!...He makes such a damn cute Pokeball!

Also, a quick random Pokedoll fact! With 3 more dolls coming out this month, the Unova doll total is rising, it wont be long before it overtakes one of the other Gens! A quick comparison of number of Pokemon doll-ified in each Region!
Kanto: 23
Johto: 31
Hoenn: 25
Sinnoh: 42
Unova: 22

Poor Hoenn and Kanto Pokemon need more love though... ;_;

With the 3 new arrivals, I've done an update to my collection site, Amity Square! Click the link banner if you'd like to visit! I'm currently looking for someone to make some new banner art for me - i'm hopeless with image editing programs XD <3 I'm also still looking to add more collection sites to my links page - let me know if you'd like your added! ^_^ It makes it easier for me to visit them!

Lastly, a couple of major wants! I'm currently trying to hunt these two down for my collection ^_^ If you have either and you're willing to sell, please let me know - any condition is fine! I'm willing to pay a lot for Clefairy especially <3

The Clefairy Pokedoll (made of fuzzy verboa and with a US hang tag) - willing to pay a lot for her since she's my main want and I'm in love with her cuteness!
and a Spinda Pokedoll with this pattern! (she has a cute spot on her forehead!)

If you have/see either for sale - please let me know! I'm also looking for any Pokedoll art merchandise <3

Happy collecting, everyone!~
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