zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick TCG question!

Since I'm back into collecting TCG now, I'll probably be asking some questions every now and then about it, since I'm very behind on alot of things^^ Just a quick question this time, so experts lend me your knowledge!!

This time is about the collector tins, which I also collect (and it's one easy way of getting promos!). I was using www.toywiz.com/pobcocagabco.html as a reference, but I was curious on a couple things: Is there any tins that came out that aren't listed? I'm not too interested in those collectible tins that don't have the little windows in them, unless they came with exclusive promos to that tin. Er, do they? Also, I noticed a few of these are listed twice: Darkrai, Reggigigas, and Giratina. Were they just reprinted for a different year with both the tins and promo cards the exact same, OR are the stock photos wrong and they actually did come with slight tin variations and different cards?
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