Hand over my heart, gun to my head. (darkfaeprincess) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hand over my heart, gun to my head.

Sales :D

  • Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo .
  • I only accept Paypal
  • I ship anywhere in the world from the USA.
  • I can hold for 24 hours. Please ask for a quote before committing to buy. Failure to complete a sale may result in negative feedback. I might be willing to hold longer, depending on the circumstances.
  • I ship pretty quickly. Usually the next day. I cannot Saturdays after 1pm and cannot ship on Sundays, because our automated after hours postal box thing is always too full on Saturday and Sunday.
  • I ship everything in bubble mailers via first class mail. If you would like insurance, delivery confirmation, or priority mail, please let me know ahead of time.
  • Shipping, handling and fees are NOT included on the prices.
  • Please leave feedback here old feedback can be found here.
  • Minimum purchase of $1 please.

2x unopened Black and White preview packs. $2 each.

PACKAGES ONLY - 10 cents each or free with any purchase of $1 or more. One free per purchase.

All cards are 50 cents unless otherwise noted.

Snivy x6, Servine x3, Petilil x3

Maractus x1, Lilligant x1, Pansage x1, Deerling x3 (Maractus and Lilligant are $1 each)

Pignite x3, Tepig x3, Fire energy x2

Pansear x2, Simisear x1, Darumaka x4, Darumaka x1 (Simisear is $1)

Promo holo Oshawott x1, Oshawott x4, Dewott x2 (Promo holo Oshawott is $3)

Panour x4, Basculin x1, Simipour x2, Ducklett x2 (Simipour is $1)

Blitzle x1, Joltik x2, Galvantula x1 (Galvantula is $1)

Whirlipede x2, Munna x1, Venipede x4, Solosis x1

Purrloin x4, Vullaby x1

Fighting energy x1, Throh x1, Timburr x1, Timburr x2, Sandile x2

Herdier x1, Lillipup x7, Lillipup x3, Patrat x2, Patrat x2

Minccino x1, Audino x1, Tranquill x1, Pidove x6

Super Scoop Up x1, Poke Ball x4, Pokedex x2, Pokemon Communication x3, Potion x5, Professor Juniper x4

Switch x5, Energy Removal x10

Revive x8, Energy Switch x8

Foreign cards: Energy x1, Beldum x1, Charmander x1, Growlithe x1, Electrike x1, Spoink x1, Mantine x1

Jakks Minun $3, Jakks Magmar on hold, Jakks Girafarig $3 on hold for a price quote

Kids! Chimchar $1, Shaymin $3, Pikachu $1, Treecko $1, Combee $1

Kids! Minun x2 (one is more yellow than the other one and one has a spot on his forehead, as seen in the picture, Glow in the Dark Plusle (has seen better days. It has pink marks on the cheeks that don't belong there. May be removable, I haven't tried), Spinda on hold for a price quote, Pichu, Glow in the Dark Minun (has also seen better days. has really obvious marks on his face and ears. I haven't tried to remove them), Chimchar (he is not a kid but he's similar to them) All things in this picture are $1 except glowy Plusle and Minun, they're $3.

Taking offers on Leafeon Canvas Plush. Offers start at $70 and will continue until I get one I like or they die down. Or you can buy it now for $100 shipped within the USA. $110 shipped anywhere else. There's a thread for it at the bottom. :)
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