Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reminder again + baby lizard collection

Reminder to these people, who still haven't paid for their shipping fees from me to them for the GAs their participated in:

bladespark (Espeon Canvas plush) - 4$ (sending in box)
chronidu (Vaporeon charm) - still hasn't paid even for their claim
pacificpikachu (Eevee walky coaster) - 2.37$
uberangus (Flareon TOMY) - 2.50$
allyugioh (Charizard kid, Plusle+Minun bobbleheads) - 2.50$
djsiren (Bellsprout figure) - don't know location
system69 (lickylicky figure) - 5$ 
omgitslph (binder and two cards) - 3.02$

That should be all I believe. Please send these payments to shiroihebi.lea(@)gmail.com. If I won't get the payments, I will have to write PMs.....and there are some which I feel like giving neggies, I don't know......

Anyways, I have taken quite a lot of pictures, but I thought I would post my entire Charmander collection first, then my manta rays, Snivy lines and others :)

I accidentally got myself two same Charmander plushies.....but they make nice twin brothers (or BFFs) in my opinion!!! ;WWWW;

Now onto my entire Charmander collection so far!!!

I think I should start with my favorite who lies in my bed all the time. Those who don't know, this one is my most cherished Pokemon item, which I have had for more than 10 years....I have gotten her when I was 8 or 9 back in Germany. It's a she, because my parents call her Glumanda (that's the German name for Charmander) and Glumanda is a feminine word in Slovak <3333

This is my non flat collection so far!! Need more space......

Aaaaand my flats so far! I have forgotten to add some pan stickers from the pan sticker GA and there are still some things that need to arrive to me....but nevermind, this is my cherished collection I have so far.....since there are so many things I have of him, the next time I will add my Mantyke line, Snivy line, Riolu and Meganium collection, which aren't as large as my Charmander collection, but as much cherished as these! <33333

I still have to have luck to get a Charmander pokedoll :(

That's it for now! Thank you for taking a look! <3333
Tags: charmander, collection, group auction, payments
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