Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SMJ GA pictures and Black and White cards

 So I received the lot late last night :3

I will be taking them to get your shipping quotes on tuesday so if theres anything you want feel free to ask <3

katisconfused  Everythings fine :3 just no tags,but has a butt tag

catbrooks He's fine just no tags :3 he does have his butt tags

truxor Everythings fine just no tags,they do have their butt tags

elisha1288 pikachus fine except some small black marks on the back :3

the1412 everythings fine and there are tags :D

pumpki3 Everythings fine and it turns out the pikachu and pichu are actually attached,you wind them up and they walk

Extras are for everyone :)

Pikachu Tomy is free to GAPS (marks on his face :c)
Releasing my claim on the mcdonalds pikachu since I found out I had him already :3 so 1.50 for GAPS and 3.00 for non
Piplup has marks on him and is 50 cents for everyone

I don't know what these are
1.00 for GAPS and 2.00 for non
Gone:Blue One with skymin and pikachu

My claims :3

oh gosh this guy he's so much bigger then I thought he was going to be <33
He's about 16 inches from ear to butt ;u;

I know he's a booty but I couldn't resist that face <3

Onwards to pokemon cards :3

I'm looking to trade for these cards <3
Serperior 6/114
Lilligant 10/114
Maractus 12/114
Oshawott 28/114
Dewott 30/114
Samurott 32/114
Blitzle 40/114
Krokorok 64/114
Scraggy 68/114
Pikachu 115/114 ;___;
25 cents each
Deerling x2
Snivy x4
Venipede x3
Energy Search x4
Petilil x3
Pansage x2
Patrat x2
Potion x6
Oshawott x3
Ducklett x4
Darumaka x2
Pidove x3
Panpour x2
Blitzle x3
50 cents each
Servine x3
Energy Retrieval x4
Revive x4
Munna x2
Dewott x2
Pokemon Communication x3
Whirlepede x2
Pokeball x6
Simipour x2
Basculin x4
Tranquil x3
Gone:Professor Juniper

75 cents each
Gone:Serperior,Samurott,and Unfezant
1.00 each
10 cents each
Earth x10
Water x12
Electric x6
Psychic x8
Free with purchase :)
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