Brolie (berugii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I need space!

So I'm selling some stuff! I'd much rather see this go to people who can still get some enjoyment out of it.

Basic Guidelines:
-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping.
-Comment with your location when asking for shipping quotes! I ship items from the US with USPS. If you want insurance or delivery confirmation, please ask.
-I will hold for 24 hours
-Paypal only, please
-I accept haggling but reserve the right to decline offers

Plush; all are in good condition with no rips or stains.
Machop PbP; tags are long gone but condition is great, plush is still nice and soft: Offer
Hasbro Pikachu, no tags: $3
Tomy Charmander, has tush tag: $8
Jakks Buizel, has tush tag: $4
Pikachu clip plush, has tush tag: $3
Bonsly throw ball plush, has tush tag: $2 (can include his pokeball for 50 cents more)

Figures range from excellent to good condition, only minor scuffs. If you are unsure or want closer pics, please ask.
Koffing PEZ dispenser: $3
DX Meowth Tomy: $9
Jakks Roselia: $5
Charmeleon collector bank: offer
Regirock gashapon figure: $4
Meowth ornament: $5
Jirachi Gashapon figure: $4
Bulbasaur clip (bulb is velvety soft C: ): $5
Heatran candy figure: $4
Sentret TFG: $6
Absol TFG: $8
Charmander pullback racer: $3
Psyduck TOMY, Rayquaza TOMY, squirtle dome figure all $4

Jolteon power bouncer (a little yellowed): $6
Dratini TOMY: $6
Weavile and Buizel candy figs: $3
Absol figure: $6
           -with his "razor wind" ball: $7
           -with razor wind and mudkip (full set): $8
Mudkip figure: $1
Raichu, Bulbasaur, and Charmander stampers (still have ink): $3 each
Gabite kids: $4
Pikachu sculpture by me: $6
Flygon coin $1

European Zukan
Chimchar line: $8
Eevee, Leafeon, Glaceon: $15

Empty TCG tins $2 each

Freebies! Scuffed up or bootie figures. Pick one with any order $5 or more.
Pikachu ring is gone

I will gladly combine with stuff from my permanent sales post, too.
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