Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hey guys! This post has many purposes.... I have some cool things I got last night!

They are called Kakumen Retsuden... and the package says in English, "Let's collect all Menkos!", so for all intents and purposes now we shall call them menkos. Let me introduce menkos to you! I have a bunch, and they will NOT be on Sunyshore - pick out who you want now, and the rest are heading for the big o' Ebay. IF YOU GOT A COLORED FIGURE OR HAVE AN OUTSTANDING ORDER WITH ME, SHIPPING IS FREE! Otherwise it's gonna be about 1.50 :>

Well, Menkos are battle tablets! There are eighty in the set, and some are rarer than others, but they are all nifty! They are double sided with stats and gold sillouettes. I want the Luxray ;__; And I'll keep trying, so rest assured I'll get more good Menkos in... well, they are great for a collection, so comment with the one you want! :D

Menkos are $1.75 each unless otherwise indicated! Enjoy them! :) Shipping won't go up even if you order around 5, so just let me know.

total include shipping! :D please paypal your total to MY LJ, or wait until i give you a new total in the comments if you'd like a menko as well.

(i've deleted all that have been paid for and mailed)

ashketchum: 1 dragonair (purple), 1 rapidash (yellow), 1 ponyta (blue), 1 ninetails (red) 5.00

ravestar: 1 wartortle (purple), 1 marowak (red) 3.75

quaizr: 4 dratini (1 orange, 2 clear blue, 1 clear) 5.00

pikachuashnat: 2 rattata (1 clear, 1 red), 2 raticate (1 red, 1 blue), 5 golbat (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 clear green, 2 diff size normal), 3 zubat (1 purple, 1 green, 1 dark blue) 13.50

i also have 4 dragonites and 3 drowzees/2 hypnos set aside for olesvenson and kanackering if you guys are interested :>

i also finally listed my many eevee cloths on ebay. they are so cute. please go give them a looksee!

aand these are still going until tomorrow, so give them a shot to: the very rare and big, KFC Japan toys! you can combine any colored figures or menkos with these :)
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