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Time for a little comparison with the new gets!

A couple new packages arrived, and since they're fun stuff, it's time for a collection update sooner than later!

New happy get time!

First off, many thanks to blackfruitbat for helping me finally get a Dewott Pokemon Center plush! After much thinking, it's official that Dewott is my favorite of the Oshawott evolutionary line. I think this plush is perfect and can even stand on his own thanks to that tail. :D

Excluding the upcoming kid figure, is there anything else worth noting for non-flat Dewott merchandise? There are lots of Oshawott things, not as much Samurott items, but what's really out there with Dewott? It makes me sad when the middle evolutions don't get as much attention. :(

Thanks to corn_dog_solo's efforts, I've received both the new large Jakks figures for Zekrom and Reshiram, hooray! Even though I've seen some entries with these two before, I can't recall seeing any of them being compared to the DX Tomy figures, so here we go~!

The Jakks figures are at the top, while the DX Tomy figures are at the bottom.

I recall back when the first images of the Jakks figures for these two came out, lots of people noticed how similar they looked to the DX Tomy figures. Yup, they look very similar, but there are quite a few differences. As you can tell already, the Jakks figures are a little larger overall than the DX Tomy ones. They're also a little heavier in the process.

For these comparison photos, the DX Tomy figures are always on the left, while the Jakks figures are always on the right.

Let's begin with Zekrom!

The main differences I can tell for the Jakks version:
~longer face
~thinner, more rounded head spike
~head facing forward instead of downward
~arms move but the feet don't (which is the opposite for the DX Tomy)
~tail engine top spikes thinner and placed higher
~slightly different proportions including larger feet, hands, and tail engine
~back foot spikes are black

Let's continue with Reshiram!

The main differences I can see for the Jakks release:
~feathery tuffs above the eyes are closer together
~flowy "horns" are a little longer and have more bulk/are sturdier
~neck "rings" are spaced out more
~flowy tail portion ends upward instead of straight
~parts that move include the head and arm-wings, but the feet/legs don't move (opposite of the DX Tomy)
~top leg feathers point upward rather than outward

Between the two, there are things I like about each type, so I don't really have any favorites. If you already have the DX Tomy and were thinking about getting the Jakks figures or vice versa, or perhaps you haven't gotten either and were trying to decide which one you'd like more, I hope these comparison photos will help!

Thanks for looking! ^o^
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