That Pikachu Girl (lambo_chu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
That Pikachu Girl

Sandshrew/slash pleeaaase~~~

Okay, so I'm the worst sister ever and forgot about my brother's birthday present until now, a week from the date. Though I'm sure whatever I get will probably be late, I'd still like to get him something.
His long time favorite pokemon is Sandslash, though I'm pretty sure he likes Sandshrew too, by relation.
All I know that he has is one figure of each, so if anyone's selling anything of the two, please let me know. He's not a huge pokemon fan, so I would like to stick to figures and plushes, but something useful would be cool too.

Also! I may look a little closer when the date is closer, but my mother's birthday is in early July. She likes Mew, and gyarados, and meowth. Well, she likes most the dragon pokemon, but she doesn't know all their names. The thing with her is, I'd like to get her something useful. Like pens, or hair accesories, maybe a notebook. She'd easily lose a plush or a figurine, so I'd like to get her something that will be useful for her, also, that way I know I didn't buy her a meaningless gift. So anyway, if you have anything like that, let me know
~~<3 thanks
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