Alice Lorna (lunglock) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Alice Lorna

Technicolorcage GA - We won!

To the participants of this GA:

Great news! We won :)


Link to the GA :)

1. Please send payment to: ThisUsernameFails @
First Payment Owed - US: for those who live in the US
First Payment Owed - NON-US for those who live anywhere else :)

2. Once you've paid, please mark the spreadsheet in the Paid? section.
Please also include your zip code if you're in the US, or your country if you're not :)

3. Second payment will be asked for once tufails has received the package from technicolorcage, so be on the look out! It will be for shipping from tufails to you, and will be sent from the US :)

4. If there's something amiss on the spreadsheet, please let me know! I double checked everything, but I'm a bit of a derp sometimes ^_^;

Thank you all for participating! This was my first taste of hosting in a GA, and I'd like to thank tufails for being a very helpful mentor and a great GAer :D
Tags: group auction
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