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Small Dialga collection update!

I returned from a pair of back-to-back vacations today and found a few packages waiting for me! So here's a little collection update. =)

I know I have a few people waiting to hear from me regarding sales items I wanted to double check on - I'm planning on going through and sorting those all out tomorrow, so if you don't hear from me by the end of the day Wednesday, feel free to poke me here!

First up was this long-awaited sticker from noxxbunny, on the left!

Dialga Gum Collection Cards (2)

You're probably wondering, "that looks like a pretty normal sticker to me, why was she waiting for it?" Well, I am trying to get all of Dialga's stickers and other flats, and scour the comm and YJ for them on a regular basis! So for one to crop up that I didn't have is pretty exciting for me ^_^

If this one is from the series I think it is, it's the same sticker that I bought a whole bunch of (kind of expensive) blind packages trying to get. Sure would be a relief to mark that one as done!

Next up is a new Dialga figure! I'm pretty obsessive about getting as many Dialga figures as possible (even more so than his other items) so I was really excited to get this guy from warking_chocobo ^_^

Pokemon Dialga Soap Figures (2)

It's the second soap figure! \o/

The first series one (with the blue hook) I found in a lot on YJ a few years ago. I thought that was Dialga's only soap figure for a long time, but then came across a set list revealing that there was one in the 10th Movie set as well, and the packaging showed a different colored hoop at the top. Since this meant it wasn't just a straight reissue, I had to find it! I was keeping a look out for one when it appeared in a lot sale on the comm, and I wasn't first to get to it, but the buyer warking_chocobo kindly sold it to me. When I received it, I was surprised to find that the material and finish are a little different. He seems like he might be slightly smaller too!

It's usually too much of a hassle for me to take all my figures down for a photo, but since I'm going to move anyway, I figured it was a good chance to do so. (I actually took this before receiving the second soap figure, so only one of them is in the photo...)

Toz's Dialga Figure Collection

Tada! \o/ By my last count I have about 150 different Dialga figures so far.

And while I'm showing my Dialga figures, this might be a good time to post the ones I'm looking for! These are the only ones I know of but don't own at this time.

Dialga Chou Get (Clear Text)

I'm looking for this 'default' pose Chou Get in clear. Doesn't need to have the base or peg, as I could replace those easily. I have the other 2 Chou in clear, so I'm not after those.

Dialga Battle Dimension Racer

It feels kind of silly to have this many Japanese figures and be missing one of the American ones, but there it is. This photo is from an eBay seller who had a Dialga listed a few years ago, but when I bought it, it turned out she only had Palkia left in stock.

If you have either of these to sell, or see them up for sale, please do let me know! These are some of my top wanted items and I'd pay pretty well for them.

If you're interested in seeing individual photos and descriptions for the figures in the above group photo, check out my Figures page here!

I've gotten in some more items as well, but they are all packed up in preparation for the move! I'm hoping to have a bit more of a Haxorus and Excadrill collection to show once I'm all settled in. =)

Thanks for looking!

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