zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Current Pokemon Center kiosk stock?

So, looks like I can finally take my roadtrip next week and will be passing by a Pokemon kiosk (the Alderwood Mall one, to be exact) and I'm pretty excited^^ I know they don't have a phone number to call or anything, so I figured I should ask here, and maybe someone's been there recently.

My questions are: what does the stock look like, especially for the new 2nd evo starters? I'm not sure how fast new stock sells out, or how fast they replenish out of stock items, but with my luck everything I'll look for will be sold out^^

Also, what does the Tomy stock look like? Have they made new American Tomys to go along with the new plush of Pansage, Servine, etc? I haven't heard any word, and I only ever see photos on the vending machine, which only show the original Gen5 stock.
Speaking of Tomys, they wouldn't happen to still have some of the OLD gen ones there, would they? I know they got rid of their old plush stock, but I haven't heard much on the Tomys.
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