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Multipurpose post go!

Hey guuuys! I have a bit of a multipurpose post here for you today :3 Let's go~

First, for participants of the plush GB darkfaeprincess and I ran a while ago, all packages have been mailed out and should be arriving shortly/should have already arrived. Thanks for participatin'! ;D

Second, for participants of the baller keychain GA that karoia and I ran, the keychains have been stored in the US and are just about ready to be shipped. I still need initial payments from iceminx and vaporeon_07. I already covered you two and paid the invoice, but PLEASE get your payments into me asap if you see this so I can get the lot mailed to me! I will have to track you down soon if you don't. :P Spreadsheet can be found here. Please send payment to: samheartsuyw(a)

Third, I need some halp with a Lucario plush identification! I saw this little guy on eBay and snapped him up immediately. I've never seen him before and can't find him on the PPP. Does anyone know what he is?


The seller only stated that he was not for sale, and was a UFO catcher prize (those are pics from the auction; haven't received him yet). He is very pretty; I'd like to know more about him! ;w;

Fourth, it's time for another plush GB, brought to you by karoia and I. ;3 She is claiming the Marill plush. I am not claiming anything. They're on their way to the US now and just need homes!

Each plush is $6.59 in the US and $6.66 outside of the US, + shipping from me to you once they arrive.

Suicune - fizzycat
Mareep - skyfort
Togetic - porcupine_paws

Comment if you'd like to claim and please be prepared to pay immediately, since they've been invoiced for a few days now and I need to pay it off. XD;; /derp

Aaaand finally, my first ever wants! Nothing major, but right now, I want your SCOLIPEDES. The only official merch I have of him is one card and one kid. ;_; Has any more been released yet? Have I missed anything? Does anyone know of any merch of him coming out? Or, if you would do any sort of custom of him for me, I will very gladly throw money at you! <33

That's all for now~ n_n
Tags: group auction, plush, wanted
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