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Easter Collection Update and Sales Post!~

As promised, here is an collection update and sales post! Take a look under the cut!

Meanwhile, Torchic and Buneary are busy celebrating Easter a day early ^-^

We haven't had a collection update in a while, and we've had lots of nice new thigns through the post! Thank you to everyone who has sent us something!~

First up are the plush! I can' help giggling at the Wailord in the hat! I love the Cherubi, I think she's one of my favourite plush now :)

Next up is a collection of cute little things - the Pokeballs project pictures of Pokemon on the wall :) Thanks to kari_xiii for the wonderful Drifloon and Unown zukan!

These are some new kids we got recently - they were on offer in our local supermarket, so we bought two sets - these are for sale down below ^_^

More plushies! These are mini plush which turn inside out into a Pokeball! We found somewhere where we can buy a big box of them, so we've got some spares of each one for sale below ^-^

These are the new Zukan here in the UK (which I think were actually the first DP set in Japan) - we got hold ofa box of these, so we've also got a spare set (see auction below!)

*phew* that was a lot of pictures to upload ^^;

Now it's sales post time! ^-^

First up, we've got Zukan from the 'Palkia Edition' set up for auction :) Bids start at $3, and shipping is $4 per zukan to the US/Canada/Australia and $2 to Europe (it might be a little more for Palkia, I'll check).

Palkia: $6 regen

Lucario: $11 babael


Sneasel/Weavile: $10 babael

Piplup/Chimchar/Turtwig: $7 meowthcollector

Mime Jr/ Mr. Mime:

The auction ends at midnight on Monday :)  Wednesday  - UK time (GMT)

The plush and kids are just regular slae, and not auction. Photos can be seen above of each one.

Kids ($2 each)
Ambipom  (sold to goku_the_saru)
Shinx (sold to goku_the_saru)
Carnivine (sold to castform)
Rampardos (sold to )
Azelf (I think - it's the Blue Pixie) (sold to goku_the_saru)

Shipping for kids is $2 in the US/Canada/Australia and $1 for Europe :)

Plush ($6 each)
Pikachu x5
Torchic x1
Azurill x3
Treecko x2

Shipping for plush is $3 to the US/Canada/Aus and $2 for Europe ^-^

If you have any questions, please leave a comment ^_^

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