Lucinda Connelly (theevilpotato) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Lucinda Connelly

This GA?

Well if you didn't know, WE WON! :D Payment details and spreadsheets are under the cut!

We raised $225 and won it for $152.50! so there is quite a nice discount for everyone!

This is for payments 1 & 2! there will be a seprate post for payment 3 when items have arrived to Omgitslph and she calcuates the shipping from her to you.
Please check the spreadsheet and send payment to ASAP. Payment will be sent once I have recieved everyones payment.
Please comment on here saying you have paid and your zipcode/country to calcuate final shipping costs.
*****When sending payment please state your username*****
Let me know if there's any mistakes and I shall fix them.

Thanks guys! :)

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