Justin (moon_justice) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Meowth! <3

As promised, here's pictures of my new finds! I happily found them all at my local mall. WOOOOOOOO!
I'm still waiting on that darned cup from eBay though! ; ;

First up..

Meowth figure that comes with a sticker and candy!

D'awwww! Isn't he a cutie!?!

The spinning Meowth figure from a trading figure game. xD

Another vibrating Meowth that you pull! Except this one is tinier, with a keychain on it and the JAPANESE Banpresto release! I got him for a total steal. =D (This one is the cutest too!)

And now for collection pics..


Plushies, figures, pin, etc.

Boxes, keychain, plushies, figures and Meowth on a ball!

Here's a picture of all my Meowths (and Team Rockets) on the top of my book case. ^^

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