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Victory // small wants

Remember this GA?

We won! :D
Spreadsheet is here:  clicky~
Amount raised:  $128 (we won for $53.75!)
Invoice total: $81.75 (shipping was a killer at $28 x_x)
Discounts all around~ 

Please send payment immediately to karurah (at) gmail.com with your username somewhere in the note & update the spreadsheet saying you've paid, along with your country/zip code! :) This is an eBay auction, after all, and I cannot cover anyone!
Mewtwo, Pikachu, and Parasect were all bidless. They will be $7 to claim, and are available to GA participants only for the first 24 hours everyone!!

Anyway, for a small wants... I'm looking for the old Hasbro Charizard plush beanie for a friend.
I was showing him the comm the other night and he saw a picture of it in someone's collection post. Anyway, he and his brother collected most of them as kids, save for the ever-elusive 'zard.
I know this plush isn't super rare, so please help me help him! ^-^

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