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Darkrai Collection and Azelf Trading

First off, I'd like to make a trade to anyone owning a holo Uxie card. If anyone would be willing to part with it, I have a more than fair trade to offer. I recently pulled a regular holo and reverse holo Azelf card. Here is a pic for proof:

My Mac cam took an awful picture, i know. -_-;;; The one on the left is a regular holo. Now, I'm more interested in the regular holo of Uxie, but if someone has both, I'll trade both Azelf cards for them. To put it simply, I'll trade holo for holo. :) And, yes, that's me wearing my Charmander shirt. :3

Now on to the fun stuff! ^_^

My bf and I went on another Pokemon spending spree a couple of days ago. Twas fun as hell! ^__^ We went to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles where we (more like I) bought quite a bit of Pokemon stuff, including a bunch of fake cards. ^^;;; They don't allow cameras in the store, but I'm tempted to take a pic of the STACKS of fake cdard packs. It's almost sickening. The packs were on sale for $1.49 each. Most of the cards in them are rare ones with a few uncommons. I was REALLY depressed when i pulled a fake Uxie card. T_T I'll take a pic of it later, plus the pack/box it came in. When we got home, my bf decided to "dissect" the cards to see what they were made of. Turns out, they were made of a thin cardboard material. He tried to dissect a real pokemon card (don't worry. it was a common Wurmple ^^;;) and had a harder time as expected. The rest of the fake cards are being recycled as of now. My bf wanted to turn the fake cards into the local law enforcement, but I told him it wasn't worth the trouble. ^^;

Anyway, we bought some fun stuff, too. OFFICIAL fun stuff! XD;; Anime Jungle ROCKS when it comes to prices... most of the time. ^^; I've now begun my official Darkrai collection thanks to Anime Jungle. ^_______^ Here are some pics:

Yup! That's the BIG Darkrai plush that's roughly 17-18 inches. He was only $24.99!!!!!!! I was like O___O "Holy crap! Are you effing SERIOUS???!!!" I should have taken a pic of the tag, but he's the official 10th anniversary Darkrai movie plush. They had the other two official movie plush, too: Pikachu and Buizel. Now I'm not a big fan of Buizel, but this plush is to DIE for! <333 It's so freakin cute! My bf wanted it, too, but the weirdo is holding out for a Sandslash plush. If ANYONE here has one, PLEASE sell it to me!!! XD Anyway, on Darkrai's right (your viewing left) shoulder is the mini plush. He was only $6.99. ^_^ The camera made him look nicer than he really is. ^^;; On his left shoulder is his Pokekid. In front of him is the Lvl. 70 holo card. Behind him on the Otogi Zoshi boxset is a large keychain. That was a bit pricey at $6.99. =/ But, I guess it was cheap considering how expensive Darkrai stuff is now? I forgot to include my Lv. X Darkrai card. -_- Ah well.

Here's a pic of my bf holding Lady Legs! :3 I took a pic with flash and no flash. This one is no flash, obviously. It kinda suits Darkrai, ne? ^_^ I LOVE THOSE LADY LEGS~!!!! <3333333 Even my bf is beginning to fall for Darkrai. =P The pic I took with flash... looks a bit... scary. ^^;;;;;;; He's making a HUGE smile while holding Darkrai. XD If you guys wanna see it, check out my image gallery under Pokemon or just click on any of these images and scroll through it that way. ^^;

Yup... he's attached to it. XD;; He's taking a nap with lady legs. Aww... :3

I also bought a Staraptor and Octillery kid while I was there. <3 I'll take a pic of them later. ^_^
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