mandysaurus_rex (mandysaurus_rex) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Clipping GB

Hello Community!
Today I bring you a GB for clipping figures of this Series Set:

Each Figure will be $4.50 for the first payment.

The Second payment will be the shipping from me to you.

Lugia 1 - agkelikos - Paid
Lugia 2 - meijiatron - Paid
Ho-oh 1 - elementparadise - Paid
Ho-oh 2 -
Alakazam -tufails - Paid
Starmie - mariahpixie - paid
Dragonite - shiningmew
Scizor - elementparadise - Paid
Skarmory - origamigryphon - Paid
Combusken - nagaineko - Paid
Manectric - mandysaurus_rex - Paid
Spiritomb - neeko48 - Paid

Please post below with which one(s) you wish to claim.
We can not buy this GB unless all figures get claimed. So lets start claiming :D

And once we win I'll let you know by a comment reply with my paypal address.
Tags: alakazam, combusken, dragonite, ho-oh, lugia, scizor, skarmory, spiritomb, starmie
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