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Small collection update

So, I haven't been on here very much because of school. However, I finished my freshmen year at Purdue (and I got my first part-time job at a doggie daycare) so I'll be more active! :) I have a little collection update that I had been meaning to do for a while now.


First up is the drawing that came in my Christmas card that mamoswine sent me. I find insanely adorable and I might trace it one day to color it and put it somewhere in my room.


Next up is a Pidove plushie that my friends got me from Nintendo World. They were at Nintendo World because of traveling around with the Xavier pep band for the women's NCAA games. I have always loved Pidove for some reason, considering I really don't like real life pigeons but I find Pidove to be adorable so they offered to get one for me as a present. I've named him Fleetwood.


Last are the Tepig and Sandile Jakks plush I got from my local SuperTarget. My Target is very hit or miss for Pokemon stuff. I was going to have my mom take me to TRU to see if they had them, but then I was shocked when my Target had all the new Jakks plushies in stock. I love Tepig's grumpy expression and after using Sandile in game, I felt like I needed a plush to represent my love of him. Tepig is named Antietam and Sandile is Chesnut.

(I have a habit of naming my Pokemon plushies after references to The Civil War. It's probably because I'm picking up a Civil War Hist minor next fall! :D)

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