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small collection update!

I got my SMJ box in the mail which had some Pokemon goodies! And not only did it include the My Pokemon Collection Set 1 GA, but it contained the one figure I needed to complete my collection of all of Skarmory's known figures. While there wasn't much in content, the sheer value of these items to me is well worth the excitement and I just want to share it here~

The Pokemon contents of my box! It's hard to believe I was only in on both of these lots for one item from each, but it was well worth it in the end.

A MIP Pichu Bros train set! The Skarmory here was the absolute final piece I needed to have all of Skarmory's figures, but the set is supposed to be fairly rare so I'm eternally grateful to the community members who pointed me in its direction. ♥ I made sure to carefully slip the bird out of the packaging and keep the rest intact as I have no use for the rest for the set; it will soon be for sale/offers along with the Elekid and Bellossom roller stampers that were in the same auction!

As for the figure I claimed for myself....

Did I catch 'em all? There's still a few more things I'd like to add (medal swing keychain, papercraft, and a custom plush) but those aren't of high priority now that I'm content with obtaining all of the figures. ♥ I hope to one day take close up, individual pictures of each piece like I've done with my Quilava collection... but that won't happen until I find my missing digital camera tripod. ;__; I love this bird so much, though! He combines my most favorite and second favorite Pokemon types ever and defines AWESOME MECHA BIRD. ♥

Also.... My Pokemon Collection!!

These little guys are absolutely adorable in person, and holding them in hand sealed the deal that I want to collect every flying type released for this set! My original intention was to collect all of the birds since they're my main collection (aside from Quilava) anyways, but I'm absolutely in love with ALL of Unova's flying types so I'm bumping up that goal a notch! And even on top of all of those, I'm contemplating whether to get the Musketeers as well...

My only claim in the GA was for Pidove, but I couldn't help but take a picture of Sewaddle's awesome details. That leaf pattern! Even the tiny hole adds a lot of charm to it. ♥

And while I figure out where I'm even going to put so many future MPC plushies, Pidove hangs out with my new and *SHINY* Braviary plush from akeyma! I absolutely adore Braviary and pin him up with Quilava and Staraptor as my all-time favorite pokemon, but I happen to adore his shiny coloration more than any other shiny Pokemon (though beating out Taillow by a mere hair feather)... and more than his regular coloration at that! ♥

I also got my first B/W pan sticker from shiny_vulpix! I intend to hardcore collect Tranquill along with Braviary as far as gen 5 merch goes, so I'm happy to add this to my collective. :D This side of the note made me laugh, haha.

Of course, if I can ever find the time, I want to post my entire collection one day; I haven't done it since January of last year and things have definitely changed since then. But for now, I hope this update wasn't too boring!
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