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Mystery figures!!? Help me identify them! + looking for...

Hey everyone!! Long time no see! Like everyone else, I'm thoroughly enjoying Black/White (though I'm late to the party ;____;)! Recently, I won a lot of miscellaneous anime figures on eBay, and there were some awesome Pokemon goodies in it! Unfortunately, I'm completely at a loss as to what these figures are, what their value is, etc. So I thought what better place to ask for assistance than here! :D

I know what one or two of them are, but I'm unsure about the others. I'd also like to know what their estimated value is, if anyone can tell me. I took some pictures that can be found below the cut!

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First we have these little guys. The little Treecko came with a leaflet and it looks to be from a Tomy mini figure series, perhaps a Gashapon series. The Politoed keychain is a mystery to me, though I have a few others like this (see below). And the OMGZADORABLE Typholosion bell keychain is also a mystery. The Gallade pin is from a series that I've seen before but I can't think of now. He looks awesome.

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Moving along! I know the Kadabra figure is a kid, but is he rare? I don't see him very often ;__; Along with the Gallade pin is a Piplup pin! There's also a tiny little Lickitung figure, and a cased Dragonite figure I'm clueless about. His little green base says "Pocket Monsters" along it.

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Better shot of these as a group, and also an Espeon keychain figure suspiciously similar to the Politoed!

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Better look as Espe and the rest of the figures. The Cleffa keychain must be from the same series as the Espeon and Politoed. The Primeape looks like a... chou get? I'm not sure @__@ And Beldum in the back I know is a kid.

Any help is appreciated! :D Thanks!!

ALSO, as most of you probably know, I'm always looking for Bidoof/Bibarel stuffs! Currently, I'm still looking for the clear Bidoof/Bibarel kids, the clear/regular Bidoof chou get, and the Bibarel Jakks figure. I just about DIED when I saw they made him O___O ANNNND I WANT THE BENTO ERASER WITH BIDOOF! I MUST get this!!! I've been looking FOREVER FOR IT!!!

Thanks guys! :D
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