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custom charms (also taking commissions!)

**Eeveelution set is $15! ($20 including Leafeon and Glaceon)**

Hello again everyone! Since I need the cash for a trip next week, I'll be taking commissions on charms this month. I'm offering a new sort of style this month due to something someone ordered last time. Please check it out!


FOR COMMISSIONS just comment with what you want. Custom designs are $5 for the first print, and $3 for any additional prints. I can do human characters and non-Pokemon as well! Please leave a reference if you can for non-Pokemon.

I'm also making emoticon sets for a Pokemon of your choice! $15 for a set of 9, or $2 each. You can specify what emotions/poses you want, or just let me have fun with them.

-Paypal ONLY
-$2 shipping on any order anywhere c:
-I'll print any design I've drawn before (see my gallery) for $3 each.
-Custom designs are $5 for the first print, and $3 for any additional prints.
-**Please specify if you want charm printed on textured or smooth plastic**! (Textures ones a more unique look, charms are bigger and more durable. Smooth looks more professional and has darker colors, but grays and purples come out a little splotchy, and they're a lot more fragile, especially with designs with small parts sticking off)

Other details

-Charms are printed on 1/8in. plastic (Textured charms are 2.5~3cm high, Smooth are 2~2.5cm) with a randomly chosen phonestrap. If there's a color you really don't want, you can let me know, but I don't let you pick your own colors.
-Designs are water resistant, but not waterproof! Long exposure may cause colors to fade/bleed
-I ship on most weekdays, aside from Thursdays. Please allow a few days to ship if I need to print your design.
-Custom designs might take about a month to finish. This is because of school and taking many orders at once...
-I am not doing trades at this time.
-Feedback here

here are some designs from my gallery that you can already choose from! (Use the "search gallery" box to look for a certain Pokemon. "qt" is my code for charm designs, so keep that in when you search)

Pre-printed Charms
These are all $1 each! You may notice some of them are printed a little smaller than usual. This was an accident ono;

Snivy (all), Tepig, Oshawott, Vulpix, Vaporeon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Phanpy, Glaceon, Oryzae (x1), Sissel, joltik, raichu, raikou(all), reuniclus, Milotic, Sir Aaron, Scolipede, Chibiterasu, MIghtyena, Axel


Jolteon, Sissel, Ninetales

And... that's about it for this month!
Oh, last time I sold I started a trade with someone for a plush Dratini. I haven't sent the charms yet, but I'm wondering how the plush is going or if we're still doing that trade? Let me know if you want me to send the charms first or after you've finished or anything. oAo

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