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I was looking for my card binder the other day (I've been meaning to take pictures of all of them) and ran across a bunch of other Pokemon stuff I've had stashed away since before D/P reawakened my interest... thought I'd share some of the stuff I found with you guys! This doesn't even begin to cover the magnitude of stuff I have floating around in my closet, though. There's at least another box of toys/posters/cards/stickers/etc. stuck back in there, I just don't have the patience to go through it all. Anyway, enjoy the old skool pokeymans!

I still can't remember why I have a Poliwhirl plush. The other ones make complete sense to me, but... Poliwhirl? I am baffled by ten year old me.

All of my Burger King toys back when the first movie hit theatres. I think I asked my mom to go there every day for dinner and it looks like she might have complied...

Miscellaneous stuffs. The Pokemon Pikachu still works, which boggles my mind considering how old it is. How have the battery's not run out? I used it as an alarm once when I was like 12 to let me know when a show was coming on. It still beeps every night at 11:30 pm... kind of like my Furby who hasn't had it's batteries changed since I was in 5th grade, but will still manage to wake up randomly in my closet and start talking demon to me. It's scary.

Stuff I've bought from members here. I loves me some Squirtle evo line!

Front of my card binder. At ten years old I clearly had no sense of organization... sticker-wise, anyway.

You can't really tell, but the Pikachu in the bottom left is an E3 Pikachu

I don't know why Meowth got his own picture. I was flustered with the task of photographing all of my cards, not thinking straight...

I think I might have actually fought someone at the pool for that Charizard. It's all a little fuzzy now...

Lower right hand Blastoise might be my most prized card ever. I practically begged my brother to trade it to me because he was my favorite. It took a lot, but I got it, and I was sooo happy. Then I convinced his friend to trade me one of the Blastoise holos on the left and it was all scratched and bent, but I didn't care... who would have known I would end up with so many? Also SQUIRTLE WHY WERE YOU IN EVERY BOOSTER PACK EVER

I don't know if these were promos, or whatever, but they came in this special folder thing and were being sold right around when Gold and Silver came out

Aaaand more horrible placement of stickers. Seriously, no organization. What was I thinking.

I really wish I had a picture of my wall from back then. It was entirely devoted to Pokemon and I think I just might have owned every poster, magazine clipping, etc. known to man at that point. You guys would have loved it. Anyway, thanks for looking!
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