Ashleigh (eknock) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Posting a collection update! I haven't in forever!

Dan's Stuff - Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon Dan's Stuff - Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon
Some of Dan's stuff... He got these three same time I got Kyogre and Rayquaza. :D
Dan's Nidoran Dan's Nidoran
This came with the Articuno I had ordered for Dan. Press the button on the pokéball and he takes off! :D
Dan's Articuno Dan's Articuno
I ordered this for Dan and had them put his name on it. :3 It confused him when we got it, and he thought it was my stuff. since he's used to getting packages addressed to him and not being his. oops.
Half of my desk Half of my desk
This is half of my desk, All of my Zukans but one! :3 I have another Charizard on top of my speaker but I, uh, forgot about it? lol. Next time! Cressalia looks toppled over because she doesn't have a peg! :( Kingler already donated his to my other Zukan not pictured here, and everyone else I'd be afraid of loosing. :O Lucky fish there needs some repairs. XD
Dragons and Ghost Dragons and Ghost
a few of my figurines... Very blurry picture! I'll have to retake it sometime. Ghastly is the first Pokémon Kid I got. actually the only Kid I have. XD and yes! Two Dragonites... I'm not sure what to do with the extra since he's a little scuffy.
zukan and plush zukan and plush
my plushes, they are out in my living room. :D I got Banpresto Dialga from the community, and then HAD to get Banpresto Palkia. Now I can't collect one without the other. I have to have both! But I'm fine collecting Kyogre by himself! XD and Rayquaza there is being held up by Kyogre. Magikarp, is always a little sad looking, I think he misses Mr. Saturn! :( but he was the first pokédoll I got and the start of my vary sparse Magikarp collection! I keep missing things by like a post! :O Bannette and Shuppet Zukan are in front of Kyogre, can't really see them and I couldn't get a good picture tonight. Kingler donated his peg to Bannette since I was afraid of losing him. :D

Still looking for Magikarp stuff. and this post doesn't contain any of my cards... I'll have to post the special ones someday! :D
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