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i updated my raichu collection page and photos, YAY!!!!

come and see all my new chus with their brand new spankin' photos!

NEW THINGS! here are the new things i've gotten!

the KFC Raichu - SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEAL! I already screamed over this yesterday (and yes, you can still bid on and get your own rare KFC figures XD!)

inflateachu.... can't not love him.

the raichu deck - the TCG entry pack 2008 DX! the explanation i have on the site is: "Well - usually I don't count stuff with tons of Pokemon on it as "Raichu Merchandise"... because IT'S NOT. But this is not only Raichu-centric, but also called the "Raichu Deck", comes with a special Raichu card and stickers. FINE. You got me."

with that i also posted a pic of my other raichu TCG boxes. i think...? this is all of them? box-wise.

updated pins photos! added some other thunderbadgers even if they arent pins... so they arent left out.

new eraser - its the round one!

new metal figure - the tinnnny silver one! i actually bought it from someone here...and the envelope arrived torn open and empty. i was devastated D: because its a very rare figure... but the next week it was suddenly on Y!J...what the hell? ive never seen it on Y!J in all my years of looking, and there it is, the week after i lost it? jesus christ, jesus!


i had this stuff a while but never photographed it. oh well.

RAICHU CLOTHES. let me give the explanation as to why i have these.
"Well! Here's all my weird Raichu clothes. Most are designed for a small child to wear, but the Raichu vrs. Pidgey shirt is adult size.. yay!

Well, there's 2 t-shirts, a vest (the dark blue with hoody), and overalls (the grey). I only have these things because I can't help myself bidding on Raichu stuff when it's only 3 dollars, and official American merch. Fine!

So, what are you going to do with these children's clothes, you might ask? Well, I will be keeping them safe on a hanger until I have a child of my own one day.... then they shall be handed down! Until the kid gets to be a teenager and isn't an insane Raichu collector and tries to throw them out - then I will snag them back up for grandchildren. :D"


i took some nicer photos of some things... or fixed them up.

i seperated my unofficial buttons and my official ones. the official ones:

the unofficial ones:

pretty new pic of my metal keychains!

i got footholds for my snowboard finally. new photo!

lovely new coin photo!! i cant believe i havent updated these since i used my cell phone for pics. does anyone know of any other raichu coins? i dont mean pogs/tazo crap XD

i just realized i forgot three things... need to take pics now!

until then.... THE GANG. after serious reorginization. jolteons have joined them on the middle shelf! i wanted more room for jolteons... yknow... in case i ever found...yknow....something.... >_<

speaking of which....please check out my WANTED LIST!!!
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