Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

god... it's almost like everyone stays off the computer on easter or something... isn't anybody here jewish (besides the two of you who are constantly at my house eating curry)? ;D

i am posting...again.... because i am so excited.... again! i just got a MAJOR item off my wanted list. yes.. yes..... BELL PLUSH ZAPDOS!!!!!!! WAHOOOOO!

look at these beauties, tucked away in an auction with a name totally unrelated to bell plushies or zapdos!

SPEECH! SPEECH! thank you SO MUCH to everyone who spotted the auction and sent me emails. thanks to juumou, lineaalba and aftertheheaven for listening to my OMGZAPDOSBELLPLUSH all week. thank you to phoenixfoxx who got this auction for me - bidding on it to get me zapdos before i even knew about it. thank you, i love you guys, seriously!!!! SERIOUSLY!!

the other two birds - and the other incredibly rare items from this auction - are all phoenixfoxx's, but those of you who emailed me ahead of time will be able to work something out with her for the items you want. THE BELL PLUSH are called for. anything else foxx will post another time :)

er... so yeah, i have too much to say! :D i need to ask a favour of you guys. IF ANYBODY HAS A JAPANTOWN OR JAPANESE IMPORT MARKET NEAR THEM, PLEASE GO AND SEE IF THEY HAVE THESE IN STOCK (SETS 2 and 3 ONLY!) IF THEY DO, AND YOU WANT TO HELP ME OUT, BUY AS MANY AS POSSIBLE AND I WILL PAY YOU BACK IN FULL FOR THEM! i realized too late that i want these damn stamps, and now they are gone from japan and off to import markets. crap! so seriously... help me out!

i also have a new trading station set up for rare raichu things. i did this because i was bored, mostly. i don't see it working, because only one raichu collector here doesn't blatantly refuse to trade with me for anything (XD;;; i love you guys;;;), but it's here in case any of you have some raichu things ferreted away, or a secret love for raichu, and want to trade with me! this stuff is seriously cool! CHECK OUT GIN'S TRADING STATION.

i swear i'll try not to post again for the... er... only once more today, okay? then i'm done. :D
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